Agencies. Get Covered has a fully automated, easy-to-use software solution to enable agencies to compete.


We Love Agents.

We reinvented the way rental insurance works with our savvy self-serve technology using custom agency branding.

Your branding, Your revenue, Our promise.

We provide a customized site with your branding for your agency, so you can share it with your agents, distribution partners, and customers.

When property managers provide a lease, they will also provide your URL, so tenants can enroll on-the-spot.

Some companies are trying to eat your lunch. We feed you.

Companies are bringing their products directly to consumers, cutting out the agent. At Get Covered, we love agents.

Rather than compete, we partner with agencies, providing innovative products and services to help leverage your existing relationships to generate additional revenue.

What’s not
to love?

When tenants and property managers are happy, you’re happy.

  • Our carriers have an “A” rating from A.M. Best.
  • We handle the IT and infrastructure.
  • Tenants can purchase coverage that meet building requirements, along with additional coverage if desired.
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We’ve got you covered… It’s in our name.