Letter from Brandon, CEO


When I started Get Covered, with Dylan and Ryan, we set out to make insurance easy, which seemed like a simple task at the time.  We began this journey knowing that if we keep an open mind using our skill sets, we could make a huge impact. It has been a wild ride navigating through this industry and truly accomplishing just what we set out to do. 

The challenges with insurance are deep. Carriers are built on legacy systems that are not easy to work with. Customers are used to speaking to agents and not buying online. Every insurance policy looks different and is not easily tracked or managed. Knowing these challenges, we came into this with an open mind and confidence that we can solve for all with automation and building technology to scale. We continue to answer for new problems that arise and our forward thinking mindset keeps us ahead of the competition.

  • We have over 10 carrier integrations, some with modern technologies and some with ancient legacy systems.
  • We have the best agency management tools and marketing dashboard in the industry, that we built from scratch. We can onboard a new agency in under 10 minutes and in turn they can be selling online just as quickly. The customers can still talk to the agents, but we empower agents by giving them tools to compete with the insurtechs of the world.
  • Our machine learning and AI is just getting started, with Tracking COIs. We know our  approach is unique and with every policy we validate, the system continues to get smarter.

No matter the accomplishments that we have made as a team, I am more proud of the team we have built. It is built on honesty, integrity and hard work. Everyone has the same goal and we all work together to get there. Everyday we have to face challenges, but we have a blast solving for them.

This is just the start and what a beginning it has been. Every client is treated as part of the Get Covered family. 

  • We have 7 of the top insurance agencies in the world using our software.
  • Over 700+ agencies use our technology to grow their business. 
  • The most innovative property managers in the space trust us to bring new and creative ways to solve the long complicated process of insurance. 
  • The largest technology players in the world use Get Covered to increase margins and offer insurance. 


As we continue to spread our wings, we want to take the same approach simplifying insurance. The journey ahead is going to be filled with excitement and challenges and we know that with our team, investors, partners, and clients we can overcome anything that comes our way. 


Thank you to my co-founders, team, investors, and most importantly our clients.