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When it comes to renting, residents tend to benefit from less of a financial burden than homeowners. However, this may come at a sacrifice to an overall credit score—even if you make substantial rental payments in a timely fashion. With Get Covered rent reporting and credit monitoring, you now have the option to prove your financial stability when it comes to real estate. Just like with homeowners, these reports will spotlight your good payment habits that will translate to an improved credit rating.
26 to 51 points On average, residents can experience a credit score increase between 26 to 51 points after one year


Positive Reporting Only

Delayed payments will not be reported, to prevent any negative impact on your credit.

Build Credit Scores

Being compliant with local guidelines and laws, will help you and your business.

Identity Protection

To ensure you’re fraud free, we track and immediately let you know about any positive or negative changes.

User platform

Credit Transparency

Residents can access their credit scores, credit reports and credit insights through the resident portal. 

Monthly Scores

Receive credit scores each month without any credit pull issues.

Free Reports

Full monthly credit reports are included at no extra charge.

Helpful Insights

Reports provide residents with a comprehensive credit profile analysis.

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After only one month of reporting, previously un-scorable residents can obtain a credit score.