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Renters Insurance: Overview

The world of insurance is changing. Gone are the days of sitting in an office to fill out a stack of forms after sitting in a waiting room for 30 minutes. Policies can be purchased in seconds from the comfort of your home and you can customize it the way you want. To top it off, you can be assured that the price you’ll be quoted is an affordable, good deal because you have the ability to quickly access different policies to compare prices. This is possible through online insurance platforms like Get Covered, which makes buying renters insurance a breeze.

What is renters insurance?
Essentially renters insurance protects your belongings if they are damaged or stolen, it covers you if a visitor sues you for getting hurt in your rented living space and much more. The renter (also known as a tenant) purchases insurance to protect their contents. Then, if there is an unexpected event like a fire, the renter can have peace of mind knowing they’re protected; insurance can help get them back on track if their property is damaged.  Renters insurance has your back and you can customize it to fit your needs.



What types of things can I cover?
Coverage type is up to you and possibly even your landlord or property manager.  Sometimes, your rental may have specific requirements for the insurance you need.  It’s best to get coverage that at least meets those requirements.  To keep yourself protected even further, adding additional coverage is a great way to safeguard your property.  Here are a few example options that you may be able to add to a renters insurance policy:
– Pet damage/liability
– Water backup
– Identity fraud
– Earthquake damage

Check out this video to learn a bit about renters insurance and see an example of reasons for coverage:

Keep an inventory list with the associated values of your stuff and update it each year.  An easy way to maintain your inventory is to take pictures or videos; this documentation can not only assist you with determining how much coverage you need, but it may come in handy if you have a future claim.

Who needs renters insurance?
If you are just learning about it now, chances are you might not know if you need it.  If you are renting a living space, your landlord or property manager may have requirements regarding your insurance.  If they don’t have requirements for having insurance, it is better to be safe and get covered with a policy right away.  Your stuff isn’t covered by the landlord or property manager’s insurance … keep that in mind.  It is very important to have your own renters insurance policy.  Acquiring insurance is quick and easy with Get Covered’s technology.

Some highlights for renters insurance through Get Covered:
– Premiums are as low as 50¢ a day (rate not available in all states and is dependent upon coverage selection)
– Quote and purchase in less than 1 minute
– Powered by A-Rated Carriers
– Guaranteed Enrollment – No social security or credit check.
– Up to $100k in contents coverage available

Because you should expect the unexpected, get covered with renters insurance today!

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