About Us

We are a cutting-edge insurance technology company that provides cost-effective coverage with just a few clicks— satisfying tenants, property managers, agencies and distribution partners.

Our Vision

To build software to make buying, selling and tracking insurance products as simple and touchless as possible

Who is Get Covered?

Get Covered builds software solutions for the property insurance sector and acts as the bridge between insurance and real estate.

Clients include insurance carriers, insurance agencies, property managers, landlords and membership associations who offer our insurance products to their clients, tenants or members.

We empower businesses with technology to service their clients.

Our Team

Brandon has always channeled his forward-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset – from building computers in high school to working as CTO and building software for some of the largest companies in the world. His expertise lies in adapting technology to create efficiency and impact.

When he’s not solving world problems, he can be found mentoring high school and college students.

Brandon Tobman

Chief Executive Officer

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Dylan’s humble beginnings involved creating Luhn algorithm checks for early crowdfunding platforms. He went on to architect and lead the development of a range of solutions – from online cooking schools to financial products for institutional investors.

In his free time, Dylan can be found baking bread or rock climbing.

Dylan Gaines

Chief Technology Officer

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Ryan previously served as managing partner of Squire Investments, a vertically integrated real estate investment firm focused on Manhattan real estate acquisitions and management. He provides invaluable insight on the mechanics and pain-points of landlords and property managers.

He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from NYU.

Ryan Solomon

Chief Strategy Officer

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Former independent agent, believer in innovation and informed choices, and student of the insurance industry.

Specialties: Insurance industry data and regulatory filings, professional liability, captives and risk retention groups, insurance distribution and insurance entity governance and management.

Paul Buse

Chief Insurance Officer

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Josh is a philologist-turned-mathematician who has been programming in various languages since childhood. A C++ expat with a condo in Webdev City, he develops enterprise software solutions with the benefit of years of experience and an MS in mathematics.

Beyond teaching bundles of transistors to perform complex tasks, he enjoys chasing the prime numbers with a pack of infinite series and reading a good book.

Josh Brinsfield

Chief Engineer

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Miguel’s experience within maturing business operations stretches from sports technology to financial services. He leverages his unique combination of cross-departmental coordination, vendor management, and client engagement to build and streamline processes for efficiency and productivity.

When not working, the Villanova graduate is an avid curler, as a USA representative within international play.

Miguel Gutierrez

Head of Operations

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Joe’s background includes creating engaging and marketable content for large businesses within the retail space, pharmaceuticals, pop-culture media, tv and more. With a storied background in the creative world, Joe brings his expertise to all marketing efforts to develop experiential content strategies.

When not thinking of what’s new and what is next, Joe is an avid sushi connoisseur and moviegoer.

Joe Spagnuolo

Head of Marketing & Communications

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Stephanie has more than 10 years of experience in property management, insurance and financial services. She is a specialist with a customer-centric approach to delivering a smooth, unfragmented and consistent experience across all touch-points.

When she is not supporting our clients, you can find her out and about on adventures with her husband of 15 years and their son.

Stephanie Marks

Head of Customer Success

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Head of Insurance Product

Michael Tinetti

Head of Insurance Product

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Prior to Get Covered, Jared helped grow a sports technology startup to acquisition. Adept at crafting ideas into reality, he is an innovator who takes pride in building great products for his customers.

Outside of work, Jared is an avid sports fan who can be found cheering on his favorite team – the Texas Longhorns.

Jared Kuitems

Product Manager

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Customer Success Manager

Alaina Quiles

Customer Success Manager

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Being a first generation college student, Eylon knows what it’s like to channel his inner drive and work hard to achieve a goal. As a current member of our sales team, Eylon is an agile, team-centered professional who is focused on delivering value through strategic and insightful approaches to all undertakings.

When he’s not working, you can find him either playing soccer or watching sports.

Eylon Cohen


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Riley’s background in computer engineering and econometrics allows him to bring a unique, holistic perspective to his position at Get Covered. From backend development to data science, he enjoys finding novel ways to solve complex problems.

When not coding or telling stories with data, Riley can be found falling off his bike in the forest or fire dancing on the levee.

Riley Lewis

AI & Machine Learning Specialist

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Noah previously worked as a leasing consultant for approximately 2 years at a property in North Carolina owned by Banner Property Management. 

During his free time he likes to spend time with his wife, play soccer, watch football, work out, snowboard and play with his dogs.

Noah Bell

Customer Success Specialist

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Hanna Bautsiuk works as a Backend Developer for Get Covered.

Hanna Bautsiuk

Backend Developer

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