Business Owner Policy

An enhanced insurance policy that combines general liability insurance and property insurance.

Bundled Options
Bundle your BOP, GL and PL insurance with our one-stop shop solution
API Enhanced
API based business insurance that has simplified coverage and better pricing
Simplified underwriting!
Great for small businesses!

Time-Based Vendor Insurance

Short-duration insurance that a contractor can purchase on a per job/day basis.

Time Based Options
GC offers time based programs that provide vendor insurance coverage for the duration of time a vendor is on site/on the job
Vendor Access
Vendors can bypass the increasingly high minimum insurance requirements and still complete their jobs on site
Property Assurance
Property managers can rest easy knowing Get Covered ensures the appropriate coverages are in place

Commercial Guarantee

Commercial rent protection for residents if they cannot pay their rent.

Financial Assurance
Provides assurance of coverage to landlords if commercial resident defaults on rent payments or cannot meet financial obligations
Great for retail operations and small business!
Carriers have investment grade rating!

Builder Program

Combines a Construction Completion Bond and Income Guarantee to de-risk the financing of a build.

Loan Coverage
Provides inventory loans and first mortgage construction-to-mini permanent loans for multifamily projects
Guaranteed Completion
Construction completion is guaranteed by a construction completion bond provided by an investment garage rated insurance company
Utilize Rental Income
Partners can utilize a rental income guarantee program supported by a carrier with an AM Best A rating or better
Lower Risk
GC’s Builder Program can effectively de-risk financing to an investment grade credit for the full term of the first mortgage loans for 78-84 months
Increase Leverage
Borrowers receive higher leverage and may qualify for up to 80% LTC compared with the standard 60% from commercial banks
Lower Costs
Borrowers also receive a lower cost of funds (lower interest rates) compared to private lenders