Why You Need Rent Reporting & Credit Monitoring

Residents Love Rent Reporting

30 %
of residents choose rental reporting communities over other options
30 %
of residents that use reporting are more inclined to pay their rent on time
30 %
of residents prefer rent reporting because it helps build and improve credit

Positives for property owners

Rent Paid On-Time

Our rent reporting program also serves as a positive reminder for residents to pay their monthly rent on-time

Property Offering Incentive

When it comes to choosing a property, Credit Bureau data suggests that 67% of potential tenants prefer one that includes rent reporting.

Positive Social Impact (ESG)

Rent reporting is often seen as a major plus for residents looking towards their future economic growth. 

User platform

Credit Transparency

Residents can access their credit scores, credit reports and credit insights through the resident portal. 

Monthly Scores

Receive credit scores each month without any credit pull issues.

Free Reports

Full monthly credit reports are included at no extra charge.

Helpful Insights

Reports provide residents with a comprehensive credit profile analysis.